Execution Trumps Strategy

There are so many companies out there today with well researched new strategies in place. And yet, they’re not really moving the proverbial needle as much or as far as they could.  Begs the question…how do you move from strategy to results?

 New strategies often entail a business transition, whether it is re-igniting growth, redefining a market, or expanding into new products, markets, or regions.  But there is more to transition than strategy.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love helping companies develop well informed strategies that looks at markets, customers, industries, trends, and the paths to seed disruptive technologies in emerging markets.  We do a lot of this work at Chasm Group.  But going from strategy to results is about execution, alignment, buy-in, partnering, global mindset, and shared accountability.

As a marketer by training, I focus on developing executable marketing plans, executable positioning, executable go-to-market programs, and executable product roadmaps rooted in brand choice drivers.  Executable means cohesive, getting everyone on the same page with the same level of commitment.  It means processes and milestones, with specific and tangible deliverables.  It goes well beyond fanciful visions and the “game-changer” platitudes.

How many companies do you know that spend hundreds of thousands with big name consulting firms, only to get 3 inch thick binders filled with ideas that never see the light of day.  No surprise here…3 miles wide and 3 inches deep is where big ships get into trouble.

I saw great strategy at Kodak in 1994.  At Compaq is 1998.  At Siebel Systems in 2001.  Kodak saw the digital photo revolution.  Compaq saw the emergence of open enterprise systems.  Siebel saw the cloud as an entry point for SMBs when cloud barely existed as a word.

I love a great strategy, and have created quite a few in my day.  But my practice has expanded to fully embrace what I am seeing as today’s top pain point…translating strategy into results.  Translating strategy into marketing executables.  Sales executables. Product executables.  Channel executables.

If you are going to bring in outsiders to help transition your company, do it with people possessing operational experience and the wisdom of knowing what will work, what won’t, and why.  If you going to go 3 miles wide, go 3 miles deep!


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