Facebook vs Google: Paradigm Shift?

My, how the world of technology flies.  Was a time when Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel ruled the world.  Then some kid came up with the Mozilla browser, prompting a war with Internet Explorer.  The some other bright kids came up with a search engine named Yahoo!, only to be one-upped by some other sharp kids at Google.  Now Google is king in search, fighting the browser wars with Chrome, owns YouTube, and plays in eCommerce, mobile via the Android O/S, business apps software, et al.  But what about Facebook?

Here’s a private company that one-upped the mySpace gang with social networking and has grown to 750 Million active users, 70% of whom are outside the US, 50% of whom log in every day, with 2.5 Million websites integrated into the platform.  What’s happening here?

There is a paradigm shift in how people communicate.  Collaboration and networking are the drivers of personal and business interactions.  One to many and many to many interactions jibe with the ecosystems we all live within today.  Collaborative business networks are being erected to support our hyperconnected, hypertransparent world.

Google knows this…hence the advent of Google+.  Is Google equipped to kill off Facebook as Microsoft killed off Netscape?  Probably not.

Networking and interactivity are core to Facebook, as search is core to Google.  Facebook is better positioned to leverage its strengths in personal networking.  It may be able to win the business market with enterprise versions of Facebook, though a company down in Mountain Viewhas a keen eye on this market as well…Linked In.

Should be fun to watch.  Google is a great, highly entrepreneurial company not to be counted out of any battle today. The success of Android in overtaking the Apple O/S with an open, free platform attests to this.  Facebook is best poised to seize the opportunities in a collaborative model, and with estimated valuations of $150-300 Billion in an eventual IPO, the cash will be there.

What do you think?


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